Swamp Soccer World Cup heads to Scotland

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British football gets a bad rap - the England national team plays 4-4-2 long-ball, the Scottish top flight is more one-sided than a poorly weighted see-saw and Wales rank below Panama, Algeria and Albania in the world rankings.

But, if there's ever a tournament made for a England team, and to dare I say it, breach the quarter-final stage, then we might just have found it.

North of the border in sunny Scotland, you'll find this year's Swamp Soccer World Cup - a competition that positively encourages Andy Carroll style brutes to bundle home one-yard tap-ins. 

It's muddy, the football is terrible, the tactics are worse and the weather is dire.

As the clip shows, this summer's competition was won by a team called AK - we're not sure either. It looked like a real work out - the sport was invented by cross-country skiers in Finland looking for a way to keep fit out of season - even if the football wasn't great to watch.

Check out the highlights for this year's tournament in the video below - and we want to know, would you ever fancy your chances on pitches like these?

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