A pit bull and her seven puppies belonging to Philadelphia Eagles running back Bryce Brown have been seized by police in Wisconsin as part of a investigation into suspected dog fighting.

According to the Leader-Telegram, 27 dogs were taken by authorities on May 21 from Northland Pits, while the owner Joseph A. Sudbrink arrested and charged with mistreating animals,, running a breeding kennel without a license.

Philadelphia Eagles star Brown, however, was not taken into police custody and had his dogs returned last Friday, but the criminal investigation still continues.

This latest development comes four years after the Eagles signed controversial quarterback Michael Vick after he had been released from prison having been detained on federal charges connected to a dog-fighting ring.

Vick, who was on the roster of the Atlanta Falcons prior to his incarceration, spent 21 months in prison after pleaded guilty to his involvement in running an illegal dog-fighting ring that had been in operation for five years.

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