Jason Williams garnered a deserved reputation as a crowd pleaser during his time in the NBA as the former Memphis Grizzlies and Miami Heat star wowed audiences with an array of on-court tricks.

White Chocolate, as he is affectionately known, was one of the finest exponents of street skills in professional basketball, and his talents earned him a first round pick by the Sacramento Kings in 1998.

One of his finest tricks was the lesser seen 'elbow pass', which first came to the public attention during the Rookie Challenge a All-Star weekend 13 years ago.

The trick appeared to defy logic as Williams somehow bent his right arm to make pass behind his back, leaving his opponents baffled as to where the ball had ended up.

Now 37 and restricted to playing exhibition matches, Williams has brought back one of his most famous tricks - performing the 'elbow pass' during a game in China.

Take a look at White Chocolate performing his 'elbow pass' in the video below, and comment with your favourite NBA skills.

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