Life on tour as a footballer may see pretty glamorous; visiting exotic far-flung destinations and being constantly mobbed by adoring fans can't be too bad right?

Sadly the reality of pre-season in places like Thailand and Indonesia is somewhat different - think more along the lines of endless bus journeys and faceless hotel room after faceless hotel room.

However it seems as though Rio Ferdinand and Robin van Persie have found a way to alleviate the boredom while on tour in Australia with Manchester United - may we introduce "no-look table tennis".

The Red Devils stars took to the table to show off their skills while on a break from touring duties, engaging in a rally which involved performing an eye-catching 'look-away" with each shot.

Ably filmed by team-mate Alexander Büttner who posted the clip on Instagram, the two Premier League aces certainly have the skills to pay the bills.

Check out the video below!

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