Jack Laugher feeling confident ahead of World Championships

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A host of British diving stars including Jack Laugher have taken time out of their busy schedules to offer a glimpse behind the scenes as they prepare for the Diving World Championships in Barcelona.

Laugher, along with Nick Robinson-Baker and Hannah Starling will all be in action alongside Olympic bronze medalist Tom Daley at the competition which gets underway tomorrow.

Not only will the trio have to contend with going head-to-head with the best divers in the world as they go in search of medals, but they must also come to terms with having to dive outside in Barcelona's Olympic diving pool.

Last year's Olympic competition took place indoors, and Laugher and his team-mates insist it makes a huge difference competing while being exposed to the elements.

"It's really different," said Laugher. "A lot of people don't really know how hard it is, especially when you are outdoors in a nice country when the sky is blue and the water is blue as well.

"When you are spinning round it is really hard to differentiate and know where you are. So it is a lot harder to dive outside."

The 18-year-old has enjoyed a successful 2013 so far and claimed his first senior medal at the Russia Spring Swallows Grand Prix in Kazan back in May, setting a new personal best in the process.

The talented youngster says he is ready to put his personal Olympic disappointment - where he slipped in the 3m competition - behind him, and go for a medal in Barcelona having stepped up his training regime.

“It [the Olympics] was a big eye opener. But I put myself forward to move on instead of moving backwards,” he said.

“I have put new dives in to make sure I am good enough to compete. That’s how I secured a personal best at Kazan.

“The other competitions feel a lot easier now.”

Jack Laugher
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