Is this the worst haircut in football history?

Simeone in all his glory. (Twitter)
Simeone in all his glory. (Twitter).

The quest to discover the most ridiculous haircut in the history of football - and there have been some jaw-droppers - may be over following first outing of River Plate youngster Gionvanni Simeone's new barnet.

There have over the years been many contenders for the undesired crown - think David Beckham's bleached-blonde cornrows and Ronaldo's half-moon - but Simeone has broken new ground in the annals of hairstyle shockers.

Simeone, son of Argentina legend and current Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone, was pictured in a training session with River Plate sporting a unique design that looks like a haircut half finished.

The 18-year-old's new do features a long back and sides along with a shaved dome, while the look is completed with a Hare Krishna style tuft on his head's crown.

Take a look at Simeone's hair in the picture above, and comment with the craziest haircuts you've seen in football.


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