Arsenal and Chelsea have demanded refunds be given, after it was discovered that fans had been charged to meet the team’s stars.

Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have taken their teams on pre-season tours to Asia, which has seen droves of fans come out to get a glimpse of some of their favourite Premier League stars.

A few lucky people even got to meet some of the Arsenal and Chelsea players personally, but the Daily Mail has revealed some had paid for the privilege.

The report claims some sponsors had charged as much as £1500 to meet some of the Stamford Bridge squad when they visit Jakarta in Indonesia next week.

It also claims Arsenal fans had similar asked of them, though insist it was not through any of the Gunners’ official sponsors.

“We only found out about it afterwards and it is completely unacceptable,” said an Arsenal spokesperson to the Daily Mail.

“We are sorry to our supporters who were asked to pay and will ensure they are refunded.”

Both Chelsea and Arsenal have asked for the fans that paid to be refunded and insisted they do not charge fans for any appearances other than matches.

The report claims cultural differences may have something do with the confusion, as paying for these kinds of opportunities is commonplace in Indonesia.

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