Figueirense players showcase new defensive free-kick routine

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Palmeiras maintained their place at the top of Brazil's Serie 'B' following a 3-2 victory over Figueirense at Estadio Orlando Scarpelli on Saturday.

The match was memorable not only for the glut of goals, but also an innovative defensive set-piece routine, showcased by the home outfit.

Head coach Adilson Batista is the man behind the creative tactic, designed to prevent low free-kicks from being conceded under the wall. 

Against Palmeiras at the weekend, Figueirense deployed a six-man wall, with an additional player lurking a few feet behind his team-mates, in between the human obstacle and the goalkeeper.

When the wall proceeds to jump as the free-kick is taken, the sweeping defender lies flat on the ground, acting as an additional defensive shield for his stopper.

An inventive manoeuvre, some might say, but others will point to the precarious positioning of the defender, who - with arms outstretched - might be prone to conceding a penalty, should the ball strike him in an illegal area.

Watch footage of Figueirense's innovative defensive free-kick in the video below - with thanks again to - and share your favourite set-piece routines in the comment box provided.


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