Tom Brady speaks out about Hernandez arrest

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has spoken publicly for the first time since Aaron Hernandez's arrest.

The former Pats' tight-end has been charged with murder and five firearm charges over the death of Odin Lloyd, who was shot in June this year.

Hernandez faces life in jail if he is found guilty and having been released by the Patriots, has also forfeited his 2015-18 salaries and various endorsement deals.

Brady was keen to give little away when discussing Hernandez's trial, and spoke of the need for "mental toughness" through the ordeal.

"I've seen a lot of things over 13 years, and what I have learned is that mental toughness and putting aside personal agendas for what's in the best interest of the team matters most," Brady told "The MMQB" website. "My job is to play quarterback, and I'm going to do that the best way I know how, because I owe that to my teammates regardless of who is out there on the field with me. I have moved on.

"I'm focusing on the great teammates I have who are committed to helping us win games. The only thing I care about is winning. Nothing is going to ever get in the way of that goal. I'm just excited to report to camp and see what we can accomplish as a team. The fate of our season will be determined by the players in our locker room -- nothing else."

Patriots coach Bill Belichick is scheduled to speak to the the media for the first time since Hernandez's arrest tomorrow.


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