Top 10: NBA Players who could play in the NFL

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10. Dwight Howard - Houston Rockets

Just take a look at him, he is huge! How could he not make it big in the NFL?

Well, it isn’t that easy. Dwight Howard is probably a controversial pick, because he is probably one of the big men whose size may limit his NFL potential. Let’s just say he can cut it, I would guess that D12 would have what it takes to play in the tight end position, as he could use his massive frame and size in general to shrug off defenders and create separation from them. Based on his height and weight; you could say that Howard can be compared to free agent tight end Leonard Pope, who has a similar frame to Howard and both men possess the sheer size to go up and get the ball.

NFL Playoffs
Derrick Rose
Blake Griffin
Dwight Howard
NBA Finals
LeBron James
Derrick Rose
Chris Paul
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