Top 10: NBA Players who could play in the NFL

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5. Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City Thunder

If not for LeBron James then Russell Westbrook could be the most athletic player in the NBA; constantly on the attack with a great vertical and good vision; Westbrook is one of the players who could be used in a number of positions. 

Wide Receiver and Safety are two of the positions a fully-fit Westbrook could occupy, but I would say he is best suited to Running Back. His good ball handling skills, he is a smaller player and quite similar to Rajon Rondo however he still has the ability to shrug off defenders and could put that to good use as a Running Back. Holding the ball, using his good vision and his great agility to get past defenders and drive that ball home.

NFL Playoffs
Derrick Rose
Blake Griffin
Dwight Howard
NBA Finals
LeBron James
Derrick Rose
Chris Paul
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