Tim Tebow set for Patriots quarterback role

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Tim Tebow will be primarily used as a quarterback for the New England Patriots next season, according to the Boston Globe.

Reports from the team's training camp say the former-New York Jet has been working and learning the quarterback system for "ninety-nine percent" of his time in New England so far.

Speculation mounted as to what Bill Belichick had planned for the 6-foot-3-inch 235-lb Tebow, after the new Patriots recruit was spotted running ball-catching drills with the other running backs and wide receivers.

But Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has since revealed Tebow is simply practising for when he takes off on the run from behind centre.

"He's just practising his open-field running," said McDaniels as reported by CBS Sports. "Matt Cassell and [Doug] Flutie and some of those guys I've had a chance to coach, I think we did the same types of things with them.

"And again we know Tim has a skill set that some of these other guys don't possess in terms of his ability to run with it, scramble with it when he has it in his hands.

"I know the defensive guys enjoy the challenge of trying to get him to the ground, but I think it's good for everybody. It's a normal procedure we go through in training camp."

Reports earlier this summer had claimed Tebow could be set to run plays as a half-back, a full back, a wildcard specialist or even a tight end next season.

But it seems like the Patriots plan to use the former-Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback after all - despite his struggles with the Jets.

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