4- Shane Long | West Brom

I think Shane Long's popularity grew quite a lot last season but my opinion is that he's still underrated. The 26-year-old is not technically amazing nor is he the best finisher in the world, but his determination, aggression and work-rate is like no other in the Premier League.

The striker does not give defenders a moments rest, he will challenge every ball and try and force them to make mistakes. I know for a fact his clubs fans admire the shift he puts in because it does deserve respect, you do not see it very often from a front-man.

Although Romelu Lukaku stole the limelight at West Brom last season, Shane Long managed to bag himself 11 goals in 34 games. Even though that is not prolific, it's a great addition to all the hard work and link up play that his game consist off.

Long is extremely pacy and for a surprisingly for a short player is one of the Premier Leagues better players in the air. 

He proved my point in an international friendly against England earlier in the year.

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