The Premier League's underrated players

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1. Gareth Barry | Manchester City

Another extremely underrated player in the Premier League, and possibly the most underrated English player in modern football is Gareth Barry. 

Not many people will agree and I am aware not many people rate Barry highly but I cannot see why. He is probably the best defensive-minded midfielder in England and reads the game like no other. 

His tactical awareness allows him to win the ball, and turn defence in to attack for Manchester City, and since joining from Aston Villa in 2009, he has made over 30 appearances in all four of the Premier League campaigns he's been there. The midfield maestro likes to sit back, gain possession and then retain it, people may not like him because he does not score many goals or use skill moves, but his role should be respected a lot more.

The 32-year-old has made 53 appearances for England which is impressive, but I personally believe he deserved more, but there are so many influential English central midfielders there is a lot of competition.

One man that believes Barry himself and his role for club and country is underrated is James Milner, the 27-year-old had this to say:

“A lot of people don’t realise the job he does in sides both for England and City until maybe he misses a game, if he ever misses one through injury which is rare. 

“He has got a great engine and plays a lot of games as well and I don’t think you realise what he gives to the team until he is not there.” 

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