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Smart TV's are on the rise, 7% of UK households now own one over the next few months as the wave of Smart TV's roll off the factory lines of LG, Samsung and Sony there must be a few executives prowling around the high echelons the sports rights businesses pondering what's going to happen next?

When the Internet invaded their ivory castles, weather they realised it or not it [the internet] was initially treated with contempt and was 'something their grandchildren knew about' and to some extent that's still true today.

Now it's the turn of the slightly larger screen, the bight lights of the so called Smart TV have been turned on, a wonderfully named product that is more expensive, harder to use, less portable than the humble tablet.


The initial concern from the sports rights holders seems to be that fans of all ages will have the ability to 'easily' watch sports content from all over the wicked web and can freely browse any websites that they choose, but unfortunately the Smart TV is still failing to connect with the sports fan, saying that I’m confident that this is a problem that will be overcome by the manufacturers and within no time at all we will all have Smart TV, whether we like it or not.

I'm not sure how many of these executives have actually used a Smart TV, If they had I would think that they would not fret, they would rejoice in the fact that the Smart TV will not be the route to all evil (just like the internet wasn't) and will help them to sell additional packages and products; day passes, weekend packages, access all area video, for fans can't live without their sporting fix.

For me the Smart TV is a gimmick, a feature at best, another hook to get us to pay for an a product we either don't need or want but somehow end up with, my humble suggestion would be for the sports right holders to sharpen their pencils, focus their minds on the real enemy at the gate, the smart phone and tablet.

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