Let the PayTV games commence!

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It finally appears that Sky Sports has a credible challenger in the guise of BT Sport this season, both fighting it out in the Pay TV ring.

BT traded the first few blows by signing up the Rugby Premiership right, swiftly followed but Moto GP and an excellent selection Premier League games, to top it all of BT Sport have stellar cast of pundits, commentators and even Gareth Bale Robin van Persie and Joe Heart in their Ad campaigns, Sky on the other hand counter punched and went out and splashed a reported £20m on David Beckham, love him as I do, I'm from the 'Beckham is Our Captain' generation, to front their Sport & Lifestyle campaign, not exactly the lateral thinking that was needed here I think.

To me BT Sports' charge into the Pay Tv market looks, well planned and well executed, Sky's seems likes an impulsive reaction, clinging on to Brand Beckham to save them from subscribers leaving in droves for the 'free season of BT Sport' with BT broadband.

The elephant that appears to be in the living room watching football with me is two fold, firstly for how long are fans (Generation Y) going to subscribe an pay for content they can stream very easily, in high quality from the internet and secondly Sky seems to be cannibalising their own user-base with Now TV,  with and its Day Sports Passes and Monthly Movies, as a pre-emptive strike to before YouTube, Roku, BlinkBox and NetFlix further explore this market.

Has the tried and tested Sports Pay TV & Broadband combo introduced by the great Ted Turner finally been disrupted by Tim Berners-Lee and his internet thingy, for me the sports right subscription model needs to be flipped on its head, these companies need to fight for mass scale 'free to air' distribution an be smart about how they monetize in this exciting and evolving world of digital and quantifiable advertising.

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