Tour de France for women not a good idea, says Trott

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Since the London Olympics, Laura Trott has become the poster girl and at the forefront of a campaign to get more women cycling.

1.2 million women around the country cycle at least once a month, with 525,000 women cycling at least once a week. 

However, this drive has taken a new turn in the professional world as two professional women cyclists have decided now would be the time to have a women's Tour de France.

Marianne Vos and Emma Pooley's online petition, which to date has some 90,000 signatures, has not gone down to well with other members of women's professional cyclists.

Trott, Pooley's teammate from the Olympics, is not backing the campaign as she told the Independent that it was "Ill thought out".

She said: It's all well and good having a women's Tour de France – which I think we need and I think we should have. But I think we should slowly build it in and not just go 'bam' with three weeks over the same course and same length of time as the men's."

Vos, who is the Dutch road race champion, has launched the petition in a bid to give equality to the women riders.

She wrote in the petition: "After a century, it is about time women are allowed to race the Tour de France, too.

"We seek not to race against the men, but to have our own professional field running in conjunction with the men's event, at the same time, over the same distances, on the same days, with modifications in start/finish times so neither gender's race interferes with the other."

Track and road star Trott will not endorse the petition in the interests of equality as it is 'tradition'. Signatures are still climbing on the petition but it remains to be seen whether the UCI have taken notice.

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