Francisco Cruz happy for 'friend' Ramos after Champions Trophy defeat

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Francisco Cruz, the youngest ever winner of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, was happy for his friend Alfonso Ramos despite defeat in the semi-final of their Champions Trophy encounter.

The Portuguese gamer suffered a heartbreaking loss against the Spaniard, who went on to win the Golden Controller after victory against great rival Bruce Grannec in the final.

Cruz was more than a match for Ramos in their last four encounter, but eventually went down 2-0 in extra-time after a scrappy goal opened the scoring in the first additional period.

Ramos then added another on the break in the closing stages, and whilst his opponent admitted it was a tough loss, he was pleased to see his rival claim overall glory.

"It was a tough loss against Alfonso. Neither of us had a good chance in the 90 minutes, and then he scored a scrappy goal in extra-time. Sometimes it happens," he told GiveMeSport after the tough loss.

"We are friends and get on well together, but that doesn't make it hard to play against him. We always have good games and this time he came out on top.

"I'm happy for him that he won the whole tournament. He wanted it and played really well in the final against Bruce (Grannec) as well as against me."

Cruz, who failed to reach the FIWC finals in Madrid earlier this year, was playing FIFA 14 for the first time at Gamescom in Germany.

And, the Porto fan was suitably impressed with the latest version in EA's franchise, believing a number of small changes have made a big difference, particularly in the shooting department.

"I really liked this game. I think there are a lot of little improvements that make a big difference," he added.

"The first touch is much harder on FIFA 14, and unless you have one of the very best players, you can't try and make quick moves when controlling the ball.

"I think the shooting looks good as well, and the finesse shot might be the best way (to score) this year. But I will keep playing when it comes out and see what else I can find. On first look, I am a big fan. It seems more real."

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