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Gareth Bale's summer transfer has finally been concluded in a world record €100 million transfer to Real Madrid, eclipsing the €93.9 million that Real paid for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Whether this is money well spent or not only time will tell - actually goals and trophies will tell - and many are already pointing at how such a price tag can rest heavily on a players shoulders. Yet many, Ronaldo being one, seem to flourish in the spotlight and such a price tag only bolsters their confidence, this can not be said for a certain £50 million pound west London striker.

The game has changed a lot since Rupert Murdoch invested heavily in football rights and big money started pouring in to football from broadcasters, overseas investors and club sponsors. It's only back in 1996 that Alan Shearer sold for a record fee of £15 million, a fee that these days is fairly common place in top flight football.

And we must not forget the players that are never sold and so their market value is never realised. How much for instance could Lionel Messi be sold for, or a slightly younger Steven Gerrard. Do clubs that keep home grown talent ultimately save on not paying that transfer fee, or lose out by not cashing in when a players in his prime?

This quiz takes a trip down memory lane to look at players and their transfer fees past and present, and whether those fees were worth the money. Chelsea fans for example may question the fees paid for Shevchenko, Verón, Mutu and, even whilst he was free, Bogarde.

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