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I trust there will be several of you who disagree with the five skills I mentioned in this article, and there will be several questions asked regarding the absence of some of the other great skills, dribbles, flicks and tricks that we have had the pleasure of witnessing.

This footnote, if you will, names some of those very skills, in the hope that fans will be satisfied by their presence in the article.

The Nutmeg

What would football be without the pleasure of slipping the ball in between a defender's feet, to his incredulity? Everyone's favourite move, the nutmeg is known by several names around the world, some of which are "cano", "tunel", "ordenar" in Hispanic America, "Panna" in many European and African countries, "50p" or "peg" in Scotland, "petit pont" in France, "iShibobo" in South Africa, "SALAD" in Jamaica, "5 ringgit" in Malaysia, "Ohley" in Singapore and "Window" in Zimbabwe.

While many players have utilised nutmegs to great effect over the years, the best at the trick today is Liverpool's Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, who excels at passing the ball through defenders' feet in tight situations in the penalty area.

The Cuauhteminha

The Cuauhteminha is an audacious trick created and performed by Mexican foward Cuauhtemoc Blanco in the late 90s and early 2000s. It involves, well, see for yourself.

Blanco performed the trick on several occasions during the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, thus introducing the world to a crazy invention that we have rarely seen since.

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