Top five: Memorable World Cup final moments

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5. 1994 - Penalty madness

World Cup 1994 was the first to be held in America, in a bid to increase the popularity of the sport in the country. And while the World Cup final itself won't be remembered for being a footballing spectacle, it will most certainly be known for this penalty.

Prior to the tournament, soul songstress Diana Ross had fluffed a penalty stunt in the opening ceremony, making a world class clown of herself and drawing ridicule from every observer.

However, we can forgive Diana for her mis-kick as her profession doesn't actually require her to be skilled with a ball at her feet. Italy's Roberto Baggio however, has no excuse.

A supremely skilled player 'the Divine Ponytail' lit up his country's run to the final with some fantastic skill, scoring five goals in the process. So at the end of a dull final against Brazil when the two sides became locked in a penalty shootout, Baggio was odds-on to hit the back of the net. Wrong.

The pressure got to Baggio and he skied his spot-kick so far over Taffarel's crossbar that the supporters must have thought an NFL game had broken out, leaving Baggio devastated and Brazil jubilant.

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