There's barely a better embodiment of the beautiful game than when watching masterful freestyle footballers doing their thing.

For those who attended the recent testimonial of Manchester United's long-serving centre-back Rio Ferdinand, the embodiment became a realisation.

The F2 Freestyle group performed at Old Trafford as part of the days events, and were truly impressive in their stunts.

From dancing whilst balancing the ball, to completing tricks Cristiano Ronaldo would probably struggle with, the members, namely Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch, weren't put off by a rambunctious Old Trafford crowd.

If you take enjoyment from watching physics-defying skills and amazing footwork then the F2 Freestyle group will be right up your street.

Watch the video above for their complete day, including the showboating and tekkers on display.

If you're interested in checking out the F2 Freestylers further they can be found via:



For more skills check out their YouTube channel:

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