New York Giants head coach issues RB warning

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New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin has issued a warning to running back David Wilson after his two fumbles in Sunday’s late game against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Giants had six turnovers in an opening night to forget, losing an NFC East game they could easily have won 36-31.

Whilst Wilson wasn’t the only culprit for the travelling Giants, it was his spills that appeared to cause Coughlin the most grief, and the veteran is expecting some serious improvement in practice over the coming days.

"Geez. Man, oh man, oh man, oh man. I can't say any more about David Wilson, except that if I watch him in practice and his technique doesn't improve, I'll let you know. OK? I'll let you know,” he told a packed press conference.

"In practice he's going to have to have the ball in that position all the time, not just when he thinks he's running free and there's nobody around him. I want to see the ball in the right spot all the time.

"And quite frankly there's nowhere else to go with this. I don't know what else to say to you. I realise it's a major issue for everybody. But there's a way to carry the ball and there's a way to protect the ball. Ball security is No. 1. And that's what he's going to have to demonstrate."

The 61-year-old benched Wilson during the defeat in Texas, and has subsequently brought Brandon Jacobs in to practice from the free agency market.

Jacobs, a former Giant, carried the ball five times last season for the San Fransico 49ers, and is unlikely to be the immediate answer when the Denver Broncos travel to the MetLife Stadium on Sunday night.

Whilst Coughlin wouldn’t guarantee the starting spot to Wilson, the Giants’ first pick in the 2012 draft would appear to be their only realistic option. And, following the fumbles, the head coach knows his player has a target on his back.

"As I've said many times, we need him. He's necessary. He's going to have to overcome this (fumbling) issue. He's a marked man. So he's really going to have to overcome it,” he concluded.

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