Pau Gasol shaves iconic beard after bet loss to brother Marc

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LA Lakers star Pau Gasol has been a fixture in the NBA for 12 years since joining the Memphis Grizzlies from his native Spain, and during that time, so has his beard.

Prior to this week, the power forward had not shaved his facial hair for nine years, but now after losing a bet to brother Marc (currently with the Grizzlies), Pau has lost his trademark whiskers.

The bet was made between the two brothers when coaching two kids sides during a 'healthy competition' for their charity, the Gasol Foundation.

Each brother took charge of a team for the duration of the task, while the kids were given Nike fuel bands to measure burnt calories. The losing Gasol would then be forced to shave their beard off. 

After a nine-year stint, Pau was made to rid himself of the famous beard, even posting a video on Youtube to prove that he had actually gone through with it, which can be seen above.

One of the most athletic and quick big men around, 7ft giant Gasol has been one of the very best in the NBA since his switch to the Lakers in 2008, racking up two NBA championships as well as four All-Star appearances.

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