David Beckham Quiz - A look at the global superstar

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David Beckham, OBE, is a footballer, fashion designer, model and father of four and husband of Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice). 

What lies next for Beckham is the question on our minds. With Beckham reportedly pulling out of his restaurant venture Union Street Cafe with Gordon Ramsay many though he was shying away from the restaurant industry. Yet now reports are emerging that Beckham is still keen to open a restaurant and is leaning towards a pie and mash shop.

Restaurants though aren't likely to be his full time job in the near future. Only last year there were rumours that he was keen to buy a Major League franchise in the USA.

Similarly, Beckham has never hidden his passion for the England national team, could there be a chance that he'd step in to international football management in a similar manner to how Franz Beckenbauer or Laurent Blanc did?

If his footballing career is a mark of his determination and winning mentality then he's likely to succeed at whatever he turns his hands (feet) to. As a player he earned 115 international caps, scoring 17 goals in the process. Only Peter Shilton eclipses that tally with 125 caps.

At club level, his most prolific scoring era was at Manchester United where he amassed 85 goals in 394 appearances in all competitions. It's also during this time that Beckhams hair made as many headlines as his football, but we're not suggesting there's a link.

Test your knowledge of David Beckham with our quick look back at his career in this time trial quiz.

David Beckham
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