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Blaine Gabbert/Chad Henne - Jacksonville Jaguars

When members of your fan-base start begging for you to sign Tim Tebow, you know you have some issues at quarterback.

In their two games so far, the Jags have struggled to get anything going on offence when it matters and draft bust, Blaine Gabbert and journeyman, Chad Henne just aren't doing it for the Jags or Jags fans.

Reports of a Tim Tebow 'rally' appear to have overblown but at the same time, it could just be all that's left of the floundering franchise's fan base.

Even the Jaguars know that Gabbert and Henne aren't the future of the franchise and that Tebow wouldn't be either but Tebow is certainly a great short term fill. He'll put butts in seats, make good merch sales and get media attention. He may even get a couple wins - what more could the Jags ask for really?

It's a difficult situation as the Jags seem to be a team actively playing for the first pick so they can grab their 'franchise QB' that they've building for in the past few seasons. Yet business is business and Tebow is money...

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