Miami Heat star Chris Andersen has been cleared of any wrongdoing after an identity theft case turned took a weird and dark turn.

According to Sports Illustrated, Andersen was involved in a consensual relationship with a girl who had lied about her age, in 2011 while he was playing for the Denver Broncos.

Andersen faced no charges for this as the age of consent in Colarado, where the relationship took place, is 17. However, Andersen's lack of interest in the girl lead to her supposedly trying to blackmail Andersen.

An attorney for Andersen explained the situation after it was reported that the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit had questioned him, causing him to miss a game.

"A female fan in 2010 mailed Mr. Andersen multiple letters and included several photos in which she was scantily clad. Chris and this woman communicated with each other and in 2011, this woman, who represented herself as 21 years of age, flew to Colorado, showing her required identification. After leaving Colorado, she became upset at his lack of interest. In 2012, she threatened to retaliate if he did not provide financial remuneration. ... Mr. Andersen has been fully cooperative with the authorities." Said the attorney.

Andersen was cleared today - but why?

It turns out that Andersen was victim of identity theft and that a 29 year old Canadian woman was posing as him and was the one who even set up his initial meet up with the girl, unbeknownst to either party.

It's reported that she had access to Andersen's email, social media outlets, his phone, bank records, and even his video game console.

After a period of time, the Canadian woman grew more and more aggressive in her demands of the girl, even making sexually explicit demands. Soon after this, the 17 year old went to the police which got the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit involved to begin with.

The case against Andersen closed when Canadian authorities, working alongside their American counterparts, arrested a 29 year old Canadian and charged her with a string of offences.

Close friend, agent and lawyer of Andersen, Mark Bryant said ""This has had an extraordinary effect on Chris ... He appreciates those who reserved judgement. He will continue to do what he's always done in life and that's turn something bad hopefully into something good"

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