Top ten key players in this year's Champions League

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And so it's started; Europe's most elite club competition and essentially the trophy that every top side will be yearning for above all others. 

The Champions League not only brings together the world's best players and showcases the talents and flaws of the greatest teams in Europe, it also offers the opportunity for one side to be etch their name into the history books. 

More often than not the biggest games of the competition are settled by moments of brilliance and individual superiority.

Sure, football is a team game and for the most part it's the squads with the greatest wealth of talent that normally do better, but when it comes to the latter stages of the competition, and the matches between sides that can't be separated based on squad quality alone, it's the key figures that stand out and ultimately make the difference.

With the Champions League now in full swing, we take a look at ten players who will almost certainly prove to be key factors in how the tournament eventually pans out....

Borussia Dortmund
Manchester United
Manchester City
UEFA Champions League
Real Madrid
Bayern Munich
Paris Saint-Germain
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