Top five: Best derby drubbings

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For one reason or another, teams are intent on loathing their neighbours, giving an added incentive to win head-to-heads.

A victory against your local rivals means more than just another three points, it means bragging rights over your friends and, in the case of the Manchester derby, could ultimately decide where the Premier League trophy goes in May.

Manchester City showed that the tide may be turning again in Manchester, as they beat the current Premier League champions and local rivals Manchester United 4-1.

It was a huge victory for Manuel Pellegrini's men as they showed off their title credentials. No one was expecting such an emphatic result but its not the first time one side has run away with it.

Here we look at five other occasions a local rival has been left humiliated by their neighbour.

Tottenham Hotspur
Manchester United
Manchester City
Newcastle United
League Cup
Premier League
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