England's World Cup 2022 winning squad

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When FA chairman Greg Dyke gave a speech targeting a World Cup win in 2022, many pundits and England fans criticised his vision for being overly optimistic. There is a prevalent feeling that England's young players don't have the required quality to compete for honours on the international stage.

There is, without doubt, room for much improvement in the standards of English coaching to get the most out of the talented English youngsters. But it shouldn't be forgotten that the current generation of young English players have a great deal of potential.

Technically gifted midfielders like Jack Wilshere and Ross Barkley are becoming more and more common in England. If these players fulfil their enormous potential, the England won't be far away from a squad that can challenge the top international sides.

Young players breaking into their clubs' first teams right now will be around their prime in 2022. Nine years from now, some of England's best prospects will be at their best and ready to bring home the World Cup.

FIFA state that a World Cup squad is limited to 24 players - three of whom must be goalkeepers. So assuming England will play a 4-2-3-1 formation, we've gone for two players for every position, plus three goalkeepers.

Here's the 24 that will win the World Cup in 2022, along with their current club and their age at the tournament:

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