Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones was hurt in the early hours of Monday morning after an alleged altercation that involved a stripper named Sweet Pea and an oversized bottle of champagne.

Jones and some teammates were out celebrating the birthday of Bryant McKinnie after the 30-9 win over the Houston Texans on Sunday at the Opera Ultra Lounge in Washington, before climbing on board a bus to continue the party.

According to TMZ, some scuffling broke out between the people on board - with at least one of the passengers reported to be a stripper - which resulted in an enormous bottle of Ace of Spades clattering into the head of Jones.

Said perpetrator of the bottle swinging, it is claimed, was an exotic dancer by the name of Sweet Pea, who left Jones 'bleeding everywhere' and led to police being called to the scene.

While there was evidence of an assault, however, no arrests were made after none of those involved in the fracas would cooperate with a police enquiry, while Jones refused hospital treatment.

Despite the suggestions of a serious sounding head wound for Jones, he was back in training as normal on Monday to continue his rehabilitation from injury, which has ruled him out of the season so far.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, though, was less than pleased with the report about his players being involved in an early hours bust-up.

"Not very impressed, personally, with the report," he said. “It's not something we want to be known for. I am disappointed in that respect."

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