Gerrard better than Scholes & Lampard - Manchester United legend

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Former Manchester United star Bryan Robson believes Steven Gerrard is better than Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes. 

Ex-Red Devils star Gary Neville and ex-Liverpool man Jamie Carragher had been debating which player has been the best, with Neville siding with Scholes and Carragher with Gerrard.

But Robson puts the current England captain at No 1. The ex-United man also admitted, that while manager of Middlesborough, he tried to sign Gerrard.

When discussing the quality of Gerrard, Robson told the Daily Mail: "I remember we were playing Liverpool and seeing this tall, rangy kid with a shaved head smashing into tackles against more experienced players and buzzing all over the pitch.

"He had no qualms about reputations. I turned to our bench and said "who is this kid?" Afterwards I spoke to Liverpool and said I wanted to buy him but they just said "no chance, he's one for the future.

"I knew then though that he would be a great player. I loved his characteristics. He was a bit raw but you could see the determination to succeed written all over his face and his body language. He was a winner."

Robson believes that Scholes has been a better player than Lampard but believes Gerrard is the best.

He continued by saying: "For me he can do everything and that's the reason I'd say he was the best of the three if I had to split them ahead of Scholes and Lampard in that order.

"They are all top professionals and each brought different attributes and strengths but Gerrard can tackle, defend, score goals, head it, make a telling precision pass, dictate the tempo and is a powerful runner. He has a bit more to his game.

"It annoyed me when people said they couldn't play in the same England team because good players can always play together it's just about sharing responsibility of roles on the pitch."

But Robson believes all three have been great players and has hailed all of their talents. The former United captain finished by saying: "I remember when we beat Germany 5-1 he played in the sitting position and was excellent. There is no reason why Lampard couldn't have played a little ahead of him and then Scholes in the hole behind the striker for England more often.

"Zinedine Zidane said Paul Scholes was the best player he ever played against so that's some accolade. It's easy to see why with his control of the ball and passing and it seems wrong to say Lampard is third when you consider the goals he has scored not just for Chelsea but West Ham and England.

"They are all shining examples of what footballers should aspire to be but for me Gerrard is the one I'd go for because of his more rounded game."

Gerrard and Lampard continue to shine for both club and country, whereas Red Devils legend Scholes retired for the second time at the end of last season. 

Comment below with your favourite out of the three. 

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