Top five: Transfers that won't happen this year

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There are hundreds of stories written everyday claiming certain players are being linked with certain clubs, but for the most part they usually don't happen.

Every year fans hope and pray that they're going to sign either the next rising star or someone who has already made it at the top.

Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, but that never stops the rumour mill rumbling into life at the slightest opportunity.

This term has been particularly ambitious so far in terms of high-profile players predicted to switch allegiances over the course of the January transfer window, and a number of key individuals have been earmarked for moves to rival clubs. 

We look into five transfers that have no realistic base in reality, and put plainly, won't happen this year at least...

Juan Mata
Alex Song
Iker Casillas
Francesc Fabregas
Luis Suarez
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