Top five under performing Premier League stars

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There are some players who take a little while longer to hit top gear than others.

Whilst unfortunate, there's nothing much that can really be done about it, and more often than not teams simply have to wait for certain stars to get into their stride while the season's still in it's early stages.

Usually, the bigger the name, the more that's expected and therefore the more blatantly obvious it is when they're not performing to the required level.

This season has so far thrown up quite a few surprises in terms of players turning out performances well above what's usually expected of them, but on the other side of the table there have been those who have been prone to either mistakes, mis-fortune or just simply poor form.

We take a look at five players who are capable of producing the goods on their day, but haven't quite managed it thus far.

Premier League
Ashley Young
Fernando Torres
Joe Hart
Marouane Fellaini
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