Hazard v Ozil: Head-to-head comparison

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When the 2013/14 Premier Legaue season comes to an end, it's realistic that both Eden Hazard and Mesut Ozil will be in the running for the PFA Player of the Year award.

Hazard, who joined Chelsea from Lille in 2012 for just over £30m, secured a place in the Premier League Team of the Year last term and will have a major say in whether the Blues can win the title in Jose Mourinho's first season back at Stamford Bridge.

While Ozil, who smashed the Gunners' transfer record after completing his £42.4m move from Real Madrid this summer, is already being hailed as the Premier League's best player.

So, with that in mind, let's look at whether Ozil really is a better player than Chelsea's star winger.


Hazard and Ozil have proven themselves to be cool customers in front of goal - although it's fair to say that both players are capable of scoring a few more each season.

Ozil is always looking for the incisive pass, so rarely shoots from outside the box. However, Hazard is keener to have an effort from distance, and he's scored a few beauties in his career as a result.

Ozil's range of shooting may be equally as good - we just rarely see him take a shot when the pass is on instead.

Winner: Hazard


Although Hazard is capable of threading the odd mind-blowing pass through the eye of a needle, Ozil does it on a far more consistent basis.

The Germany international's vision is only matched be a handful of players in the world, while his pass completion rate is always top-notch thanks to his excellent decision-making skills.

In terms of passion, Ozil wins hands down.

Winner: Ozil


Both Hazard and Ozil are excellent dribblers, but it's the former who is often more willing to take on his opponents.

Ozil likes to drift in between the lines and pass his way around opponents, while Hazard tends to be more direct in his approach play.

Nevertheless, isolate either against a full-back and you'd expect the same outcome: for them to skip past them as if they weren't even there.

Winner: Tie


Again, there's little to separate the two players when it comes to skills - not a hugely important part of the game, sure, but something which all of the world's best players have.

It's better to be effective rather than skilful, but Hazard and Ozil are a mixture of both.

However, Hazard often produces more technical skills - step-overs, back-heels, that sort of thing - during matches, so we'll let him have this one.

Winner: Hazard

Match-winning ability

Far more important than being skillful is the ability to decide a match. Match-winners are invaluable to managers and both Hazard and Ozil fall into this category.

Ozil has shown with Werder Bremen, Real Madrid and Germany that he is capable of winning matches, while he has also shown glimpses during his first weeks at the Emirates Stadium.

Hazard, on the other hand, must become Chelsea's match-winner on a more regular basis. At Lille he was the main man, but now he must become the Blues' star performer.

The Belgium international is three years younger than Ozil, so he has plenty of time, but for now it's the German who is likely to win more games for his team.

Winner: Ozil

Verdict: Ozil wins

Because of his ability to win matches and his outstanding passing ability, Ozil is currently the better player.

But there's every chance that Hazard will be equally as good when he hits 25.

Watch this space.

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