Bayer Leverkusen striker Stefan Kiessling scored one of the most bizarre "goals" of recent times during tonight's Bundesliga clash against Hoffenheim.

The 29-year-old appeared to convert a Gonzalo Castro corner with a near-post header, but replays showed that the ball had in fact gone wide.

Remarkably, the ball eventually ended up in the back of the net because of a hole in the side-netting.

The match officials presumed the ball had gone in and subsequently awarded the goal to the visiting side, who eventually won the match 2-1.

To add further insult to injury for Hoffenheim, Kiessling's goal proved decisive.

Roberto Firmino missed a penalty for the home side with seven minutes remaining, while Sven Schipplock's late header turned out to be little more than a consolation.

To watch the amazing phantom goal, scroll to the top of the page and click play.

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