Modern football is a notoriously fickle world. One minute a player can be widely adored and be heralded as flavour of the month before the next becoming public enemy number one due to a simple patch of bad form.

The Premier League is certainly no different in this particular regard. Throughout the years in the English top-flight we have seen stars at the top of their game reduced from heroes to zeroes in the blink of an eye.

While that is always disappointing to see, of course, what is often spiriting to witness is those same players fighting back against their doubters and defying their critics by re-claiming their positions in the hearts of fans.

Here, GMS looks at five top-flight stars who have defied those who expected them to exit their respective clubs and have played an important role during the early stages of  the 2013/14 campaign.

Please feel free to comment on our selections below and let us know if there are any players who you feel we have missed out...

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