It's the age old battle, one that has rumbled on since before the dawn of mankind.

How that's possible nobody knows but when it comes to football v football, there is no room for facts or logic. Just shouting, and lots of it.

Football has its long and beautiful history while football can claim to attract the bigger audiences.

There's no doubting that football is the favoured game on this side of the pond but football is making quite the play for a share of the crowd.

Football won't leave you alone at night without a friend in the world to love you, but damn it FOOTBALL WON'T ABANDON YOU WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST! Ahem, sorry...

Football may be the people's game but let me tell you my friend that football, pfft, now there's a game and a half. 

Confused? Well that makes two of us. 

The San Fransicso 49ers are in town for the second of two NFL games taking place at Wembley this season, and earlier on in the week, they took a trip down to Tottenham's training ground to take part in a community event.

Of course that was the perfect opportunity to find out which sport is better, and Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen was pitted against Patrick Willis and Joe Staley of the 49ers in a bid to find out.

It turns out, as the video above shows, that in the battle of football v football, there are no winners.

Just a group of fully grown, highly paid professional sportsmen cheering when one throws a ball into a nearby bucket while the others demonstrate a serious lack of accuracy that should frighten the pants off their employers.

Check it out above.

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