Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has reportedly been alerted to the potential availability of Mario Balotelli.

Despite the fact that the two know each other from when Mourinho managed Balotelli at Inter, it is unclear whether Mourinho would be open to the idea of signing the volatile Italian.

Quoted in the Metro, Balotelli’s agent Mino Raiola said, “there is an exaggerated amount of attention on him, we all need to calm down and analyse how things are going with Milan. Italy will not be the final stage of his career, for sure.”

It is understood that Balotelli’s inability to behave himself off the pitch has contributed to the rumours of the player’s impending departure from the Italian side. Indeed, he has proven to be difficult to handle since he emerged at Inter.

Yet if Mourinho can coax the best on and off the pitch out of Balotelli, then he would surely be an asset to Chelsea. With the Blues’ strike force proving to be unreliable so far, Balotelli may provide a much-needed improvement in firepower.

However, Balotelli’s off-the-pitch antics contributed to his exit from both Inter and Manchester City, where he fell out with previous manager Roberto Mancini. It would surely be a gamble to sign such a volatile player, one that could pan out in a number of ways.

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