Premier League: Five weakest players

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Power and pace have always been seen as something synonymous with the English Premier League, something that all players need to survive in its intimidating surrounds.

This is no Spain, where swarms of technically proficient midgets canter around being 'tactical' and hit the deck at the slightest feeling of an opponent within touching distance.

New players arriving are often described as not being strong enough to deal with all the jostling, headless-chicken midfield running and meaty challenges that get doled out by the giants marauding around the mudheap pitches.

While it may be true of some, it is not always the case that the more lightweight players heading to the Premier League are certain to fail, quivering on the sidelines in fear of going anywhere near Martin Skrtel or Micah Richards.

GMS decided to pick out the five biggest weaklings currently fleeing harm in the English top flight.

Before the blustering and indignant protesting kicks in, we are obviously joking in our description of the Premier League and we are not trying to be disparaging about the certain players we have picked out.

Rather, GMS are lauding the more diminutive and slight stars in the competition for being able to survive despite the constant physical attention they receive to try and put them off their game.

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