Frank McLintock believes Arsenal's title challenge will fall apart if Olivier Giroud sustains an injury.

The Gunners currently sit in top spot in the Premier League and have given themselves every chance of qualifying from arguably the toughest group in this season's Champions League.

A large part of their early season success can be accredited to Giroud, who has scored seven goals and assisted four in all competitions.

However, behind Giroud Arsenal have only Nicklas Bendtner and the injured Yaya Sanogo to replace him and McLintock believes this could be a major issue for Wenger.

The former Gunner told talkSPORT: “Arsenal are getting much closer than they were last year but they still desperately need another centre-forward.

“If Giroud gets injured they could be in bad trouble and that could undo all the good work so far this season.

“When you think of Man United, who won the Premier League title last year, they’ve got four strikers, we’ve got one, or two if you count Nicklas Bendtner.”

Despite seemingly criticising Wenger's inability to bring in an established striker in the summer, McLintock has reserved special praise for the acquisition of Mathieu Flamini, who was brought in on a free transfer in the summer.

“Flamini has been wonderful,” he added. “For a free transfer he’s settled into that team very well. As soon as he came on the pitch he was like the captain, organising people, and that’s what Arsenal needed.

“We’ve got some very good midfield players at Arsenal but they are all alike, and Flamini makes the difference. He holds his position, makes his tackles and controls the midfield.”

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