Top five: Most dominant footballers in Premier League history

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The Premier League has seen it's fair share of physical players over the years.

From hulking centre-backs to burly target men, there's been more than a handful of figures who have graced England's top flight that you wouldn't fancy going in for a 50/50 with.

However it's the mark of a truly special player when they can channel their size, strength and full-blooded nature into being of real benefit to the team.

The few that do manage it to good effect are usually strong candidates from captaincy at some point, and can be relied upon to be the main driving force behind the majority of their team's success.

With this is mind we run you through the top five most dominant figures since the Premier League's beginning. 

From tenacious tacklers to thundering forward powerhouses, we have them all...

Premier League
Patrick Vieira
Roy Keane
Patrick Vieira
Nemanja Vidic
Gnegneri Toure Yaya
Didier Drogba
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