Since former media executive Greg Dyke was appointed to the role of Football Association chairman in July, the remit for English football's often-criticised governing body appears to have been to address the apparently significant decline of the English national team.

Such an investigation has led to repeated questions arising concerning the number of foreign players currently plying their trade in this country, often at the expense of young English talent.

However, at a time when many appear to be questioning the presence of so many foreign players in England, it is hugely important to remember the impact that many of them have had.

Besides, it's not as if lavishing extravagant sums upon players from other areas of the globe is any guarantee of success.

Here, GMS looks at the ten most expensive foreign imports in Premier League history and rates each as either a 'hit' or a 'flop' according to how they fared on these shores.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on these 10 players below. Do you feel anyone has been treated particularly harshly? Perhaps you feel we have been too lenient with certain others?

For the record the prices and order listed here are based on information listed by English newspaper The Independent...

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