Top 10: The most in-form stars on the planet

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As a general rule you can usually tell how a team is going to fare in a certain season by the way they play over its first quarter.

The same applies, in the most part, for players. Sure, some are slow to start and end up coming good by the end of the year, but the very best will start off on fire and never cool down.

With European football boasting possibly its greatest ever array of top class sides, it's coming increasingly down to the brilliance of certain individuals to decide matches, and the ones that can do it consistently are held in the highest regard of all.

There's been a number of stand-out performers so far this campaign, and as expected it's mainly the usual suspects who have are in-form at the moment.

So with the first quarter of the year almost up we thought we'd offer a run down of the players who seem to have that midas touch...

Premier League
Franck Ribery
Cristiano Ronaldo
Aaron Ramsey
Robert Lewandowski
Sergio Aguero
Luis Suarez
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