Top 10: Sports stars and their awesome cars

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When you're making upwards of £100,000-a-week, there's a few tried and trusted ways to spend your money.

Blowing it on Grey Goose vodka for you and your entourage in the flashiest club in town is one, buying the most expensive house on the street is another, and customising your all-white £60k Range Rover is one more.

It's crazy money spent in an unbelievably unimaginative way, but when you're 24 and earning more than you'd every dreamed possible, it's a natural reflex to reach for the shiniest, most expensive object.

Here, we've got ten of the most extravagant cars owned by sports stars and we want you to pick your favourite, and name and shame the one you hate the most.

Click through the slideshow to see the ten contenders, and then leave a comment below...

Lionel Messi
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