Arsenal are now Premier League favourites

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Data crunchers Bloomberg Sport have confirmed what the Premier League table suggests - Arsenal are the Premier League title favourites.

At the start of the season, GiveMeSport reported that Bloomberg Sports' sophisticated simulator made Chelsea favourites for the Premier League title.

However, 10 games in and much has changed. A fantastic start to the season that has seen Arsenal take 25 points out of 30 has elevated them to the top of the table - five points clear of second placed Chelsea.

Having ran the analysis again, the Gunners are now deemed to be the favourites for the Premier League whilst Chelsea lie a close second.

By creating a rolling average by combining four of the most reputable Index models, Arsene Wenger's men come out on top.

At the start of the season Arsenal were given a 10.9% chance of winning the Premier League. That has now moved to a massive 31.1% with the nearest competitor being Chelsea with 23.7% chance.

Arsenal's ascent to the top of the simulated table has been much at the expense of Manchester United who have struggled to come to terms with life under David Moyes following the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

United, who were given a 28.1% chance of winning the league at the start of the season now have just 10.9% chance, taking up a freakishly similar position to that of Arsenal at the beginning of the season.

Jose Mourinho has as well suffered surprising defeats to Everton and Newcastle, dampening their chances of domestic success.

Arsenal face Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday in a tie that could change the fortunes of both teams dramatically.

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