Top five: Youngsters Arsenal released prematurely

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It's hardly a secret that Arsenal have been widely regarded as a 'selling club' in recent times.

Several stars have left in search for glory across Europe.

Whether it be for rivals Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester Utd and/or City, AC Milan or Juventus, just to name a few destinations.

However it should also be noted that in Premier League history the Gunners have released a few promising youngsters along the way also.

Some of which could have stayed and plaid their part, instead of making a name for themselves elsewhere.

The reasons behind these sales can only be known by Arsene Wenger.

Whether he didn't see the player making the grade at the highest level, or not fitting into his teams style and philosophy, or it could even be the money was too good to turn down in his eyes.

However it could be argued that the fee received, or lack of in some cases, is a shade of what the players potential worth had come to be valued.

So here take a look and see if you feel the same, in which these players could of made a difference for a more recent Arsenal team.

Matthew Upson
Steve Sidwell
Lassana Diarra
David Bentley
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