Top 13: Best strikers on FIFA 14

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1. Lionel Messi – 94

In any other era, Ronaldo would be the greatest player on the planet. Perhaps he still is now, but in the eyes of FIFA 14, it’s Messi who is the top dog.

The Barcelona icon scored a staggering 46 league goals last season, comfortably averaging more than one a game. But, it’s not just his ability in-front of the sticks which makes him the main man.

Messi is a wizard on the ball, with a brilliant array of passing and a deceptive speed when dribbling.

And, his brilliance at the Nou Camp is reflected in the stats. 89 shooting, 92 pace, 96 dribbling, 69 heading, 84 passing, 44 defending. It’s hard to argue with that.

Lionel Messi
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