Ronaldo v Ibrahimovic: head-to-head comparison

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Influence (goal contribution)

This should give us a pretty clear indication of who has the greatest influence on their club's results, so in theory is the 'more important' player. Data for Sweden and Portugal was unavailable so we'll have to look at their efforts for Real Madrid and PSG this season.

Ibra has scored 27% of his side's goals this season while Ronaldo has scored an eye-watering 46% of all the goals Madrid have managed in La Liga this season.

Goals on the road let the Swede down it seems: he's scored seven of his goals at home which represents 41% of all the goals PSG have scored at the Parc des Prince, but only two on the road.

Ronaldo's 'contribution' for Real Madrid makes him the single most influential player in Europe.

Winner: Ronaldo

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