Premier League: Top 10 most exciting stars

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With its globally renowned status for physicality and tough defending, it is sometimes easy for many to forget that the Premier League also boasts an array of truly-gifted attacking talents.

While it is true that the English top-flight can often be an uncompromising place to play, there are a number of dazzling stars who have proved themselves quite capable of dealing with that side of the game and are still able to prosper and positively flourish due to their silky skills and effortless technique.

Here, GMS picks the top 10 most exciting stars that the Premier League has to offer. Such a list if subject to opinion, of course, so there are obviously a number of top talents that just failed to make the cut.

Please feel free to leave your comments on our selections. Do you agree that these are the most exciting players that the Premier League has to offer?

Which names do you think should have been included on this list?

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Eden Hazard
Sergio Aguero
Wayne Rooney
Luis Suarez
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